Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Hi Bobby here,
We have had to go and collect two Schnauzer's Elfin and Flossy from the vets poor things have just been done.

Their owners are going back to China so these little dogs need a home, they will be on the
pawzforthought.org web site.
I grumped at Elfin so I got told off, I won't do it again I just had to let him know I am here,
I like little Flossy she seems nice but then I am a Grumpy old dog with a gleam in my eye I
still like the ladies.

John has got the translation book out now he is trying to say, walk, come, and sit in Chinese.
they have both just looked at him with puzzled looks. I am waiting for them to bark if they have only been taught Chinese.

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happy said...

Elfin and Flossy are cute! Hope they'll find a loving home soon! Do they seriously take orders in Chinese only?