Thursday, 10 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,

Look at this, the Mop asleep in pajamas they came with the Schnauzers but they are too small for them.

It has been like a fashion show in here today, he could not wait to try every thing on. He put the England football T-Shirt on, then wanted us all to go

to play football with him, but he cheats anyway he runs off with the ball in his mouth.

John got us a big ball so he could not pick it up, but he still managed to run away with it in his mouth.

So nobody would play with him. he is so daft if he let us get it sometimes that would have been okay.

He got upset so he went in and started trying more clothes on, when he came out I nearly fell over laughing, what a ponce, he thought he looked great.

Bye for now

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Anonymous said...

Well Hello,
I am sat here with Bobby,who has been left here with me,them lot hav b*g*ered off to Florida for two weeks,but dont panic Bobbs been down to Roker beach had a good run but he didnt want anything to do with the squeaky that we took. Anyway he's asleep now so bye for now x Vikki