Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I have loads more now.
My Squeaky’s
As I have said before I love my squeaky toys, it all started because John carries a squeak out of an old toy in his pocket, when we go out he blows it so we all come running up, and we get a little treat.
He puts our meals out and blows the squeak and we go for our meal this is to try to get daft dogs who don’t come when he calls their names, of course being a Lord now it should be a gong for me, anyway I am always stood beside him I know when I see the bowls with dogs paws on they are for us its just for the daft doge he needs to do this blowing a squeak but I love to hear them anyway.
Well all in the Park was fine until everybody’s dogs came running up every time he blew the squeak, but being the daft dogs they did not go when their owners called, so all their owners started to carry squeaky toys whole ones not just the squeak.
Now little Oscar is one of these daft dogs, well as you know because he ate the grapes.
His mum was always shouting Oscar come; well Oscar went anywhere but did not go to her so now she brings a squeaky.
So all over the Park you can hear her shouting Oscar come but now there is a squeaky accompaniment.
Mary comes in with her dog Suzie now another squeaky, and so many more are all just squeaking all over the Park and yelling there dogs names. Even the noise from the crows is drowned out they think it’s a new kind of animal in the Park.
Now as I have said I love my squeaky toys so now I am flying round from one squeaky noise to another.
Not only me, there are demented dogs all over the park chasing squeak noises and trying to grab the toys
I have become a pest over the squeaky’s people are even buying them for me now
Mary has given me quite a few it’s cheaper than buying a new coat because I bounce up and down at her pocket, the first one was a Santa’s head, she said, aww he likes it so much he can keep it, big mistake I have not forgotten.
Now I am a bit worried because a lady asked John how she could stop her dog barking, he said he uses a water pistol and gives a little squirt, I hope she knows he means in the house.
If not, this park could end up like an old western town humans all carrying a squeak in one hand and a pistol in the other, the crows will think that the new squeaky animals Pee a lot.


cool hand Luke said...

Ha ha please tell me what park you go to so I can avoid it !!! all that squeaking and water flying around, my goodness !!!!
poor Luke is scared of water big softie.
Love Linda and Luke

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob.just pud here,i thought i was a bit mad,i always carry my sqeaky round with me!...

Anonymous said...

I have seen you in the Park with your head stuck in Mary's pocket bobing along on your hind legs.
I thought you had a bad back I think you are a grand dog a propper little lad.
I would give you a home if I had room. I have seen John with you and I don't think he would part with you Bobby he thinks the world of you.

Anonymous said...

I only wish my dog was as well behaved as Grumpy Bobby.
I see him on the beach and in Backhouse Park, He answers straight away when John calls. I will be calling mine for ages some times.
It is funny in the Park now with all the squeaks.
Bobby John Pip and any other dog you have at the time you brighten my day up reading your blog and seeing you in the Park.
John is a good listener so you are very lucky Bobby
I think he loves you very much, I dont think you need a home you are in the best home with the kindest heart.
Jen and Kim