Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,

The Mop has gone onto me all day to let him publish a post on the blog, we have all been to the beach and I wanted a ball he said, I could have one, If I let him put something on the blog, so
I have given in.
Well if it is what I think it is, I wouldn't dare let people see me like that, but he is still a daft thing, here he comes he wants me to move away while he does it, I will come back later.
Guess who

Look at this; you won’t believe your eyes,
It’s me the Mop in disguise.
Would you have guessed this big bee?
Was really only little me.
If I stung you, it would be a surprise,
You would have tears in your eyes.
Think of the pollen I could collect in a day,
I would clear every flower then fly away.
Then I would make great pots of honey,
And my dad could sell it for loads of money.
But this great big bee is not here to stay,
When I take the costume off it will go away.

Busy Bee
only me
See it is only me little Pip I don't have a sting in my tail, so you don't have to be frightened,
I hope you like my little poem it is the first I have tried, aw here comes grumps, so bye for now.
Hi Bobby here I knew he was going to put that on, he is not like a proper dog, who would not let anyone see him like that.
This bee suit came with the Schnauzers and it is too small for them, so he tried it on, he was like a little dog with two tails.

This is Flossy and Elfin at the beach


Anonymous said...

shame on your dad, he should have leart other lauguages, BUT, does he not know the doggy language stands on its own. Given the amount of unhappy dogs your dad has received and he has turned then around in the blink of an eye he should take the lead in doggy language school

Anonymous said...

Alfie here, just to say I think the Mop rather suits the bee outfit. And I reckon foster John can speak any language he likes, hes still the best (along with Chris of course)