Monday, 7 July 2008

Godfather cat
Hi Grumpy Bobby,s back, I am sick of the rain, every time we have gone out the last couple of days we have got soaked.I would put up with it but the Mop starts to cry to come home, and yet he still goes in any water he can find if its not raining.he is a daft little short house.


happy said...

Hehehe that's one godfather cat there! Bummer about the rain! It's been pouring over here too. Missed way too many walkies.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby,Hope all is well with you and the family?
I too am sick of the rain,my owner's dont understand i have sensitive fur so i prefer not to go out in the rain but they still continue to open the door to let me go out (very odd).My owners have just had some turf layed and thought it was great,coz it's doing the grass good,I must confess mind,i have already christened it but we must keep it a secret,i'll try to blame the mop.