Thursday, 17 July 2008

Hi Bobby here,

I told you that the Mop had gone on holiday he is staying with auntie Liz she was going to give him a little extra holiday in a caravan. Well I got an e-mail saying he had been very naughty and chewed the corner of the most expensive carpet in the world.
So auntie Liz will probably not take him on holiday now, she might come for me and take me instead.

When John and Brenda come back he will be in trouble, he will not get any treats for at least 20 years may be more.

He is one of the daft dogs that you can not take anywhere, well if you do you can not take him back again.
No matter how many toys he has he still chews things he should not.
Bye for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it was the most cheapest carpet in the world, we were looking for an excuse to replace it, so pip just gave us the reason. Now bobby, pip is a good boy, and you have to admit, both you and John need to take credit for how well behaved Pip aka Mop is, given he is still a baby.

auntie Liz