Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Spike middle Ellie right
Hi I bet you can not guess who this pair are, well it is Flossie and Elfin.
Now called Ellie and Spike by their new owners.
Look at there hair cuts, don't they look ,errr well better, John said this is what they should look like, and not like Nasher, Denis the Menaces dog
that was what they looked like while they were here.

John was going to take them to the beauty parlour but went on holiday instead (typical).
They are now living in Cheshire, not far from Brenda's mam and dad, now that's funny because Benji the Yorkie went to Widnes, just after he had been to Runcorn with Brenda, which is just over the bridge and the Schnauzers are just a few mile from there. It looks like we are sending dogs far and wide, Pip is going on at me to tell you how far his brother went, all the way to Devon he said he thinks he might walk down to see him.

The daft thing is short enough as it is, he would have no legs left going down there.Anyway back to Spike and Ellie

This was Spike and Ellie before they were ponced up, well I suppose they do look better now.
This was Pip with Ellie (Flossie) they had just come straight from the vets, he had made a rude remark to Spike (Elfin), Spike was upset so he went outside, then Pip started teasing Ellie and he got told off.
He does not know yet that he is going to get his batteries removed soon,
I told him they just use two bricks and it makes your eyes water.

John said I have not got to tell him he is going, but it is tempting when he is going on. He is already thinking of the ladies, every time I go to see Happy's blog he tries to push me out of the way, daft thing stands there with his tongue hanging out.
She looks beautiful so I don't think she would look at him twice, he thinks he is great, daft little short house he can not even keep his own backside clean..
One more of Spike and Ellie at Hendon beach. John said they are very lucky to have nice homes, and proper Schnauzer hair cuts. Well as long as they don't try to give me a hair cut like that.
We are going to the Beach now so I will go now Bye.

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happy said...

Ellie and Spike look wonderful with their new haircut!

Thanks for the compliment. You are making me blush. I think Pip's so cute.