Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Bobby here,
I can not believe that John and Brenda went on holiday and left me here to look after David and Vicky,
I have had to take them to the beach, and the park
I am only pleased they did not take a bucket and spade with them, they messed about on the beach and David kept throwing a squeaky for Vicky to run and pick up. and it was one of mine.
I was too upset to go for it, I should have been on holiday not here looking after them.


happy said...

Oh poor you, Bobby! You should have been the one going on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Do not feel sorry for Bobby,He's having the time of his life,He's been to the beach,the park and the pub,he has'nt had to go out in the rain and he has'nt had to listen to grumpy old John.So if your reading this john,you can stay in flippin Florida with my kids were havin a whale of a time!!!!!....