Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Anonymous said...

Think they all look great, well done pawz keep up the good work. John I admire you the way you can turn dogs round

happy said...

Love the shots!

catsmother said...

Drop dead gorgeous, all of them.

How do you do it. We could never get any of our dogs to sit still like that.

Well done.

I'm telling all my friends to look at your blog.

Pat & Bella XX

Dannan and The Girl said...

Wow, sure helps a lot of doggies!

(And about the picture of you, Bobby, I will only say... the indignity!)

Brown dog kisses,

Pee Ess I have something for you over at my bloggy!

lebdale said...

geeeez Bobby was showing someone your blog and when that music started she started to sob before the pictures even started was as heart rending as ben the rotti's photo shoot done to "Ben the two of us" you are so lucky to be living with John and Brenda they are absolute diamonds