Saturday, 8 November 2008

Dog Walk

Today we had a dog walk Liz organised it so thank you Liz, I am so pleased John took me and I did not grump at any dogs not even once. John said I was a very good boy.

But the Mop he went straight down to the river and went in uncle Brian had to go down and get him out. It was that cold that the Mop got cramp so Brenda had to go and get a blanket and he had to be dried,

Then John kept him on his lead because he is a daft dog and would have gone in again.

There were loads of dogs flying about all over

So it went okay for so many dogs to be there.

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Anonymous said...

Great pics bobby, Sasha said she is in love with you, but Pippa said she does not want to be Mops girlfriend as he keeps running off in rivers, and she wants to but is to frightend

auntie liz x