Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Well as you all know I am a gentle kind loving dog!!!!!!! but the new kid is a bit much. She is 9 weeks old and I am sick of John going on about how nice she is and nursing her, he said her little ears are so soft, she is a bit cute and the Mop is besotted with her they play together all the time,she does seem to be getting bigger every day I think she is bigger than the Mop already Her name is Moxy she is a Labrador

If she does not find a home soon she will be able to eat the Mop in one mouth full. Of course he does not realise that.

another thing it does make itself at home.


lebdale said...

how utterly cute are those pictures of moxy asleep there is always plenty of variety in your home bobby

Achilles Wong said...

oh moxy is adorable. and bobby, i don't really think she will eat the Mop. For one, i am also a Lab and not once did i ever thought of eating my sister Poopie.. BOL

drooly kisses,