Monday, 3 November 2008

I should not have drunk that punch I have ended up on the table.

This is little Spot in his new home, John said his new owners were very happy with him. They were playing with him and he was dancing about so he also looked happy to be there. John said he did not think there would be a problem as little Spot sat down straight away with his new owners.

I want to know why he did not take me to that home, they might have liked me, if he does not take me how can I get a home.


catsmother said...

Well done to little Spot. Hope he'll be very happy.

Pat & Bella

Anonymous said...

Please put us out of our misery - surely John won't part with you?

Achilles Wong said...

oh Bobby, can't you see that John likes you that's why he doesn't want to put you up for adoption.. and if he does, then you'd probably stop blogging now, wouldn't u?

We think you are the best poster boy for this blog.

drooly kisses,


Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh, Bobby, the reason that John doesn't take you to another home is because you're already HOME! You're not a foster dog anymore, you've already found your furever home!

Brown dog kisses,

Pee Ess Is there a doggy bar close by you or something? There have been an awful lot of drunk dog pictures...

happy said...

Glad to hear little Spot has a good home. Cute pictures.