Saturday, 1 November 2008

Great party Bob

Today has been the Christmas photo shoot for the dogs who need homes, so they made a room up and doge were dressed up, it could have been pandemonium, I did not go so I must be staying here this must be my home now. I was so pleased then John said it all went okay all the dogs in and out with no bother. They will have to do you on your own, my little heart sank, anyway I would like to see who is going to dress me up.. We went to the park this morning when we came back Spot was here, so John took Lily the Mop and Spot to the beach.

After they had been to the beach for a walk they went into the Smugglers pub for a drink.

Then they went up for the photo shoot . The Mop even had his picture taken, John took one so I could see what he looked like.

I am pleased I did not go because John has come back without Little Lily, he has brought Spot back. If I had gone I might not have come back.
I don't know where Little Lily is, John has not said, I will ask him tomorrow he looks a bit sad at the moment so I will not mention it.


lebdale said...

aw bobby im sorry you are missing lily but you may see her on the beach on your walks.

TOM (aka Bogbrush) said...

Hi Bobby, let me tell you Spot is better of back with you, all these horrible people here do is laugh, and they laugh a lot, and its at me. for some reason my dreadlock style haircut is amusing, and they find my unfortunate wind problem hilarious. The man here keeps looking at me in a funny, sort of pitying way, and asking when Spots coming back.

I wanna move in with you, bet John doesnt point and laugh at you.

You dont have it so bad mate.

Gotta go now I have some excess gas I need to expell

Tom (known to this lot as "The Bogbrush")

catsmother said...

Those dogs have a better social life than I do Bobby. Any room for a little un?

Pat & Bella

Anonymous said...

bobby you must never know what john will end up with when he goes to see lynn. just hope he doesnt come back with a horse or an aligater(of course he will have been told they were poodles or something though)

Dannan and The Girl said...

It is good of you to not bring up Lily when John seems so sad. For a grumpy guy, you sure are kind, Bobby.

Glad to hear you didn't have to put on a costume. That is an indignity that no dog should suffer!

Brown dog kisses,