Monday, 17 November 2008

Tilly time

Hello Bob here well little Bessie who answers to Tilly is going tomorrow to be neutered, John has not told her yet I feel sorry for her. We went to show her Tunstal Hill this morning. We met some of our Friends and introduced her to them. They had not seen her so they examined her from head to toe and she stood very patient, they decided she was okay.

So we all started to chase around and she really enjoyed herself.

At lunch time we went to the beach, the Mop did not come, John said it was cold and raining and Pip would not stay out of the water. So he would not take him. Now normally on the beach I chase the Mop about. I had to chase little Tilly but she is so fast I would never catch her.
I was pleased when she stopped for a rest she is a real live wire.

We came back and had lunch then John said come on we will go to the park, I said get lost I am staying in by the fire with Brenda. So John took the Mop and Tilly of course she was bouncing about like she had not been out.
When they came back they were chatting away about how I had missed a great time Tilly had met all the dogs at the park and played with them it was very dark when they came back.

Instead of settling down they have fought over a string of pretend sausages for ages.


lebdale said...

I think you've fallen for her bobby

Anonymous said...

John has