Saturday, 29 November 2008

Look at me I can hardly open my eyes I am not even awake yet, John makes me sick just because he got up early and was singing Oh what a beautiful morning. Ha! it was cold and horrible but we all had to get up and go out. I was glad when it was time to go back home and get by the fire.

Little Tilly went out with John and Brenda when they came back they had some shopping but no Tilly I thought they had bartered her for food or something.
Later we went to the park then we went to a house and picked Little Tilly up.

When we got home she never stopped going on about what a nice day she had spent with her new family, and she said she is going to go on Friday to stay forever.
Tilly is going to be spayed on Monday that is why she is not going yet, but she does not know that, if she does not stop going on about her new mam and dad and the two little girls she has to play with I will tell her, I said to the Mop that would shut her up.

He looked me right in the eye and said its you who needs to shut up you are a grumpy old jealous dog, you never stop moaning, no wonder nobody wants you and if you keep on calling me and my friends I will tell everyone your real name I know it is not Bobby.
Then he went and jumped up beside little Tilly and cuddled into her.

I can not believe he dare speak to me like that, I do not grump or moan, do I ?, I am going to bed now and if John wants to go out early in the morning he can go on his own .
Good night Bobby.


Anonymous said...

Ah bobby, dont be like that, be happy for tilly that shes got a nice home to go too.You are meant to be with john. yous could not part- it would be like laurel without hardy.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bobby!
Sounds like Tilly is going to live with a great family!
Now, I am really intrigued... what is your real name??
Kisses and hugs

Dannan and The Girl said...

Well, the Mop certainly had a lot to say, didn't he?

I think you should look at it this way, when dogs like Tilly tell you all about their "new" family... They don't get to stay with John and Brenda! That should be your retort - so there, I was chosen to stay!

Hmmm, now I'm wondering about your real name, too. My first name at the SPCA was Ducky, if you can believe that. The Girl didn't think it suited me (well, no kidding!) and so named me Dannan, which is a (rough) translation from the Irish for "little brown".

I don't know how to tell you this, Bobby, but you are just a tiny bit grumpy, sometimes.

Brown dog kisses,

taz and all the dogs in need said...

we know what your other name is nar, nar, nar, nar, nar, nar. But will kep the doggie secret pled