Sunday, 16 November 2008

On Friday the 14th a number of “ Pawz People “ went to watch a very interesting and entertaining demonstration of dog training techniques and freestyle routines by Richard Curtis and his three dogs Whiz, Pogo and Disco at mypetstop at Washington Tyne & Wear. As good as the show was the star was 6 year old Jessica, who obeyed all the commands instantly. No, she is not a dog but a little girl who is a real good dog trainer in the making and as she is Lynne’s granddaughter she has a good background and understanding of all animals.

John came back and said he was going to start me on training and he will teach me to dance, I was so shocked I sat down, and I can not sit. Who does he think he is bloody Fred Astaire, he needs to learn himself. If he thinks I would dance with him, he can think again. I can not even get up from a sit he had to help me up. So I can not see me being a little twinkle toes and for that matter nor can I see John prancing about.

Little Tilly is funny and cheeky while John was helping me up she jumped into his chair and sat with her front leg along the arm of the chair, like John does with his arm.


catseye said...

How nice to see little Tilly looking so happy and tidy now...a big thank you to Pawz for finding her a safe place whilst she waits for her new family! x jennie

lebdale said...

tilly looks adorable and great news that she is safe in your arms. An yes i would have to agree jessica is a star she was so excited when he said he would get her up to demonstrate. and I of course was just bursting with pride (being the grandmother )