Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hi, Little Tilly has been to see a great family, they liked her very much and it is a nice home for her. She is staying here until after her operation, she has not had it yet because they need to be sure she is totally fit first.Once she is all sorted she will be going. John said she will be all settled in for Christmas so that will be good.

John was going on about Christmas, he said Brenda will start to shop soon once she starts it goes on right to the last minuet. I was with John and Brenda last Christmas, I got some presents, I got a few squeaky toys and a stocking with dog chews in and a ball, the ball was OK but I did not like the dog treats in the stocking,. I think Brenda got it from the £ shop,
I will ask her to get me one from Harrods this year I have heard it is the best place for dog things..
Well it has started, in came Brenda with tins of sweets Quality Street, Cadbury Roses Heroes, and a tin of After Dinner Mints, but no one is allowed to touch them they are put at the back of the cupboard until Christmas.

John is going on about it being the same every year all sorts of extra food sweets dates cake fruit, posh biscuits but we will not be able to have any until Christmas. Then he said on Christmas day after dinner when every body is full she will get everything out, all the sweets biscuits cake mince pies and loads of other stuff and say go on help yourself. John said no one will want anything then, everybody is too full. I guess there is no chance of me getting my Christmas selection box early then.


Simba said...

My Mummys Mummy use to do that, wait until Christmas thing. They would be eating stuff well into the new year.

Simba x

Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh, The Girl's mom is like that, too. Thankfully, The Girl has no self control and we get stuff all year round.

Good news about Tilly!

I hope you get a good stocking this year... I got one of those yucky ones last year too. I'm hoping they spend a little more cash this year.

Brown dog kisses,