Saturday, 15 November 2008

Hello Bob here I am having a well earned rest, I am glad to say little Moxy
has gone to her new home. John is very pleased he said she is very lucky to get a nice family. I am happy because I am going to relax, without the Mop and Moxy flying about. Her new owners are calling her Roxy, that's nothing to what I called her under my breath.

I don't bloody believe it we went for a nice walk, then John went out and came back with another little dog. It had to have a bath before we could meet it. Then it came in and before I could say what's your name, the Mop and this other Mop were flying around. I had been having forty winks so I was not in the best of moods.

Come back little Moxy all is forgiven.

The new dog is called Bessie, she does not know yet though and seems to answer best to Tilly. we all went for a walk this afternoon and John said I will let her off the lead and she stayed with us because John bounced about like an idiot, and nearly had a heart attack. He always does that, he did it with me when I first came, I just thought he was mad I had no intention of going away. If anybody goes to live in London in a cardboard box it will be him. Brenda likes me best she would not let me go. I bet she would put flags out if John went.

When we came back from the park John and Brenda started cutting matted lumps of hair off this little dog, even I felt sorry for her, some were so matted it is nearly bald patches. It looks like she has had a really bad hair day( no a week) John has sprayed her with detangle spray and keeps brushing her, he said she has had enough for today but she is only done on one side.Then she rolled over. John was on the phone and he said I will have to go, the dogs rolled over so there is someone else that thinks he is mad. so he has set about her other side poor dog she has had a bad day getting bathed and hair chopped all over.

Here she is, John is off again saying what a great dog she is, she looks a lot like the Mop but bigger, she is smaller than me so I can tell her off.

Guess who she is like ,


she wants to be nursed like little Lilly


Oops said...

Awww, bless her. Safe in John's arms now, sweetheart. (((HUGS)))

Anonymous said...

Snap-we have one too. This snuggle with legs in the air is a serious fault!!!! (Ha Ha!)