Sunday, 30 November 2008

Hi, Well it was still thick frost this morning when we walked round the park, I spoke to the Mop and he just ignored me. He ran off and went to to talk to Tilly.

I could see they were talking about me the way Tilly looked at me, if he is telling her my real name I will bite his butt.
I ambled up to them to try to hear what they were saying but they went all quite.

Well I don't care they are just a couple of daft dogs anyway, I don't need them.
When we came back home Brenda was getting the dinner ready and the daft pair ran and grabbed a carrot then cabbage leaves and a turnip,

The Mop was really enjoying the turnip when Tilly took it off him so he grabbed it back and would not let her have any.

I could not help but laugh i was hoping they would fall out but Brenda came in and told them off for taking it out of the veg rack, she picked it up but they wanted it back daft dogs.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Look at me I can hardly open my eyes I am not even awake yet, John makes me sick just because he got up early and was singing Oh what a beautiful morning. Ha! it was cold and horrible but we all had to get up and go out. I was glad when it was time to go back home and get by the fire.

Little Tilly went out with John and Brenda when they came back they had some shopping but no Tilly I thought they had bartered her for food or something.
Later we went to the park then we went to a house and picked Little Tilly up.

When we got home she never stopped going on about what a nice day she had spent with her new family, and she said she is going to go on Friday to stay forever.
Tilly is going to be spayed on Monday that is why she is not going yet, but she does not know that, if she does not stop going on about her new mam and dad and the two little girls she has to play with I will tell her, I said to the Mop that would shut her up.

He looked me right in the eye and said its you who needs to shut up you are a grumpy old jealous dog, you never stop moaning, no wonder nobody wants you and if you keep on calling me and my friends I will tell everyone your real name I know it is not Bobby.
Then he went and jumped up beside little Tilly and cuddled into her.

I can not believe he dare speak to me like that, I do not grump or moan, do I ?, I am going to bed now and if John wants to go out early in the morning he can go on his own .
Good night Bobby.

Friday, 28 November 2008

The Mop and little Tilly have pulled all my toys apart fighting over them, they both always want the same thing.

John went out today and came back with a big Labrador called Paddy, the poor lady is not well and can not look after him. He is very big and strong the Mop and Tilly thought he was great they followed him about and the Mop kept throwing himself in front of him. Tilly was trying to get him to play with her. But he was to busy exploring so he did not play.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Well it did go colder at the beginning of the week, we all put our coats on and went to the park, we even managed to get one to fit little Tilly. We were on our way round when John noticed the Mop had not got his coat on,

I told him he was silly to take his coat off and he would get cold, so we had to go back it was in all the leaves he had rolled about and he had got it off. it was all muddy and wet so he could not put it back on.

Tilly was pretending she was a statue,so was the Mop.

Tilly and me were telling the Mop off because he had run in the water again and John said we had to go because he was shivering, he really is a daft dog.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hi, Little Tilly has been to see a great family, they liked her very much and it is a nice home for her. She is staying here until after her operation, she has not had it yet because they need to be sure she is totally fit first.Once she is all sorted she will be going. John said she will be all settled in for Christmas so that will be good.

John was going on about Christmas, he said Brenda will start to shop soon once she starts it goes on right to the last minuet. I was with John and Brenda last Christmas, I got some presents, I got a few squeaky toys and a stocking with dog chews in and a ball, the ball was OK but I did not like the dog treats in the stocking,. I think Brenda got it from the £ shop,
I will ask her to get me one from Harrods this year I have heard it is the best place for dog things..
Well it has started, in came Brenda with tins of sweets Quality Street, Cadbury Roses Heroes, and a tin of After Dinner Mints, but no one is allowed to touch them they are put at the back of the cupboard until Christmas.

John is going on about it being the same every year all sorts of extra food sweets dates cake fruit, posh biscuits but we will not be able to have any until Christmas. Then he said on Christmas day after dinner when every body is full she will get everything out, all the sweets biscuits cake mince pies and loads of other stuff and say go on help yourself. John said no one will want anything then, everybody is too full. I guess there is no chance of me getting my Christmas selection box early then.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Hi, Today should be called Johns catastrophic Saturday; first he took us to the park it was all icy and John slipped down the bank on the ice into black mud to get the ball that he threw for us, and we just stood on the path watching it roll down the bank.
It’s a good job we were outside because I laughed that much I had to run to a tree, and the Mop and Tilly were running about playing, when John came up the bank all his trousers were covered in black mud, the Mop gets told off for going in that mud and there was John covered in it.
John rang Brenda to run the bath for when he got in, when we got back he took his jeans off out side, Brenda gave him a cup of coffee, he put it on the coffee table and as he went to sit down Tilly tried to beat him to the seat and knocked his coffee off and it went down the back of his leg and scolded him.
Brenda got some frozen peas and slapped them on his leg I thought he was going to cry.
Brenda said well go in the bath, so off he went then there was more howls when the hot water touched his calf, at this point Tilly ran in to see what was going on she jumped straight in the bath all excited Brenda the Mop and me all went in I could not believe it John was lying in the bath trying to get Tilly out she was bouncing about wagging her tail and licking his head.
Brenda managed to get little Tilly out, but left the door open and she ran back and jumped back in. By now the air was blue I said to the Mop cover your ears you are too young to hear this. John was blaming Brenda for leaving the door open, she said you went in and left it in the first place, he said who would think a dog would run and jump in the bath,
Personally I think at his age and the state of him he is lucky to get a dog in the bath with him.
Well it was only 10 30am so we still had the rest of the day to go, we went to the beach and up to the park again and the rest of the day has gone okay, so far but there is time yet.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Wow I am freezing It is so cold , we went to Tunstal hill this morning and got caught right at the top in a down pour of hail stones. The Mop has not known a winter yet so he did not know what was going on. He was so frightened that he ran back to the van. He was first in when John opened the door, It is his fault we can not go to the park because he still runs in the water and it is to cold. If we could go there it would be more sheltered, but because of him we have to go up the hills and nearly freeze our butts off. We have just come back again from the hills it is colder than ever We were all muffled up and it was still cold. I think the Mop is wondering where the warm weather went, John said he is going to have to get used to the cold he thinks it will be a bad winter, I might hibernate until spring.

Look how the daft thing has gone to sleep after we came in from the hills. I don't think Brenda will be able to keep her legs like this for long.

Bye for now Cold Grumpy Bobby

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

John is teaching little Tilly to do my blog he says the Mop is to daft, I have told Tilly if she does it I will chase her.
So she went and told John and he nursed her and said to take no notice of me.

But I just gave her a black look and she went as high as she could out of my way

She is a nice little girl but the blog is mine and no other dogs are going to do it.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Tilly time

Hello Bob here well little Bessie who answers to Tilly is going tomorrow to be neutered, John has not told her yet I feel sorry for her. We went to show her Tunstal Hill this morning. We met some of our Friends and introduced her to them. They had not seen her so they examined her from head to toe and she stood very patient, they decided she was okay.

So we all started to chase around and she really enjoyed herself.

At lunch time we went to the beach, the Mop did not come, John said it was cold and raining and Pip would not stay out of the water. So he would not take him. Now normally on the beach I chase the Mop about. I had to chase little Tilly but she is so fast I would never catch her.
I was pleased when she stopped for a rest she is a real live wire.

We came back and had lunch then John said come on we will go to the park, I said get lost I am staying in by the fire with Brenda. So John took the Mop and Tilly of course she was bouncing about like she had not been out.
When they came back they were chatting away about how I had missed a great time Tilly had met all the dogs at the park and played with them it was very dark when they came back.

Instead of settling down they have fought over a string of pretend sausages for ages.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

On Friday the 14th a number of “ Pawz People “ went to watch a very interesting and entertaining demonstration of dog training techniques and freestyle routines by Richard Curtis and his three dogs Whiz, Pogo and Disco at mypetstop at Washington Tyne & Wear. As good as the show was the star was 6 year old Jessica, who obeyed all the commands instantly. No, she is not a dog but a little girl who is a real good dog trainer in the making and as she is Lynne’s granddaughter she has a good background and understanding of all animals.

John came back and said he was going to start me on training and he will teach me to dance, I was so shocked I sat down, and I can not sit. Who does he think he is bloody Fred Astaire, he needs to learn himself. If he thinks I would dance with him, he can think again. I can not even get up from a sit he had to help me up. So I can not see me being a little twinkle toes and for that matter nor can I see John prancing about.

Little Tilly is funny and cheeky while John was helping me up she jumped into his chair and sat with her front leg along the arm of the chair, like John does with his arm.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Hello Bob here I am having a well earned rest, I am glad to say little Moxy
has gone to her new home. John is very pleased he said she is very lucky to get a nice family. I am happy because I am going to relax, without the Mop and Moxy flying about. Her new owners are calling her Roxy, that's nothing to what I called her under my breath.

I don't bloody believe it we went for a nice walk, then John went out and came back with another little dog. It had to have a bath before we could meet it. Then it came in and before I could say what's your name, the Mop and this other Mop were flying around. I had been having forty winks so I was not in the best of moods.

Come back little Moxy all is forgiven.

The new dog is called Bessie, she does not know yet though and seems to answer best to Tilly. we all went for a walk this afternoon and John said I will let her off the lead and she stayed with us because John bounced about like an idiot, and nearly had a heart attack. He always does that, he did it with me when I first came, I just thought he was mad I had no intention of going away. If anybody goes to live in London in a cardboard box it will be him. Brenda likes me best she would not let me go. I bet she would put flags out if John went.

When we came back from the park John and Brenda started cutting matted lumps of hair off this little dog, even I felt sorry for her, some were so matted it is nearly bald patches. It looks like she has had a really bad hair day( no a week) John has sprayed her with detangle spray and keeps brushing her, he said she has had enough for today but she is only done on one side.Then she rolled over. John was on the phone and he said I will have to go, the dogs rolled over so there is someone else that thinks he is mad. so he has set about her other side poor dog she has had a bad day getting bathed and hair chopped all over.

Here she is, John is off again saying what a great dog she is, she looks a lot like the Mop but bigger, she is smaller than me so I can tell her off.

Guess who she is like ,


she wants to be nursed like little Lilly

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Up date on Jack, Jack was taken in by pawz after his owner Hazel died(previous post) He was very rotund that's polite, he was fat.. now thanks to his new owners he is much slimmer and a lot fitter, and has a lovely mam and dad so this is good news.
More good news the lab puppy might have a new home she is going for her second vax tomorrow then going to see a family to see if they want to give her a home.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Well as you all know I am a gentle kind loving dog!!!!!!! but the new kid is a bit much. She is 9 weeks old and I am sick of John going on about how nice she is and nursing her, he said her little ears are so soft, she is a bit cute and the Mop is besotted with her they play together all the time,she does seem to be getting bigger every day I think she is bigger than the Mop already Her name is Moxy she is a Labrador

If she does not find a home soon she will be able to eat the Mop in one mouth full. Of course he does not realise that.

another thing it does make itself at home.