Friday, 31 October 2008

What a party that was.

Hi, A new dog came last night she is called Lily she is a Lakeland Terrier type, and had been taken to the vets to be put down. The vet nurse rang who John fosters dogs for, until they find them a home. She is an absolute dream, well that's what John said. But even I think she is okay she is like a ginger Mop, what a shame it would have been if the vets had not got on to pawz, the vets checked her out and she is healthy. Mind you she does want to be nursed all the time.

Lily is only small and light, she cried a lot, just little howls last night but went quite when John took her a walk then he nursed her. He put a bed for her at his side of the bed and she slept, only once she looked on to the bed to make sure John was there. I heard him say its okay pet and she settled down on her bed and he covered her with a nice warm blanket and she slept until John got up. We went to the park and John said you would not even know she was on the lead. He said not like you Bob, its only that I can not pass a tree or a corner or anything I can cock my leg up.

When we came back from the park she dashed in first, all exited so she is fine today mind it could have been because of the boulder size hail stones that were coming down so hard they hurt. If it stays like this he can go out on his own, I will not go.(John said if it stays like this I will foster Goldfish)

We have been to the park again all afternoon so we walked round then John decided to let little Lily off the lead and she was fine she just stayed close.

John keeps trying to take a photo of Lily but all he gets is backsides and heads down.


Achilles Wong said...

little lilly is such a cutie. good thing the vet came to the right org at the right time.. she looks like one lovely lady. we hope you guys will get along very well.

drooly kisses,


Bobby said...

Well we have got through the Halloween fireworks,but here we have the 5th of November. its called bonfire night or Guy Forks it dates from 1605 when Guy Forks tried to blow up the houses of Parliament to kill all the govenment officials, King James and his family.
The conspirators were caught and hung drawn and quarted after being burnt. So we now have Bonfire night with big bonfires and loads of fireworks. I am going to hide every year there are lots of accidents and yobs do awfull things with fireworks.I can not see you pics may be it is this computer. I do have wild parties don't I.

Anonymous said...

That Lily is adorable, wish I could have her - does she like cats? no, not to eat. My new rescue cat Bella appears to be deaf, didn't know when I got her, so not worries with fireworks, that's one consolation

Love & hugs to all furries

Pat and Bella xx

catsmother said...

Just been on pawz website, so answered the question about Lily liking cats - she doesn't - shame.

Pat & Bella

Dannan and The Girl said...

Thank Dog for people like the vet nurse,, and John and the other foster homes.

It is Nov. 4 at my house while The Girl types this. I hope that Guy Forks night isn't too awful. Tell John to turn the tv up loud, put on the white noise and the loud blowy space heater, and to give you lots of cookies.

Brown dog kisses,