Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hello Well Gypsy has gone to a nice new home in Newcastle, We went for a walk in the park then John went off with Gyp on her own..When he came back Pip ran behind him to see Gyp, and John said she is very lucky she has nice new owners that will really take good care of her.
He has just spoke to Heather who has adopted Gypsy to see if everything was okay and John was so pleased they are very happy with her.
John said give them a few days and she will get right into there hearts as she is a really nice dog, I would like to say on behalf of all us old dogs that get a second chance thank you to the people who adopt us truly Kind Hearts.
Now if anyone has been looking at the pawz site as I just have, you might notice that I am not there anymore. I know I was at the bottom before under the mice even. But now they have removed me completely, how come nobody wants me, its true I am a little grumpy, I do have a little wind that does not smell quite like roses, but I still need love like all dogs. Only one person has asked about me, he took one look at me and took a cat instead.
John said see you put people off dogs all together.I am really trying to be nice. Ah well I am happy for Gypsy, I am going to bed now I can not stay up as long as John Pip went to bed ages ago but he is still a baby.
Good Night


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Bobby,

I have a theory, I think John insisted you got taken off htere because you are no longer up for adoption.. you have found your furever home.. with someone who doesn't care if your wind smells of roses, or if you are grumpy, or if you insult them on a regular basis on your blog..

have you guessed yet..

I think John and Brenda can't bear the thought of you leaving them!!

not that they would admit it.. and not that you would admit being pleased about it..

but thats my theory.. and I'm sticking to it!

Ben xxx

Anonymous said...

Ben you are right, Gump, John and Brenda are there for you, so much so you are their forever foster boy. Anyway, how could this website keeping going if you were not there to help john write it

auntie liz x