Sunday, 28 September 2008

This is little Spot you can see by his ear why he was named Spot.
John went out today and came back with another dog, I thought he must go out and dog nap all the dogs he brings here.
But he was telling me poor Spots owner has died, so now he needs a new home. He is a five year old little Jack Russell he was playing with the Mop when he came then they argued over a biscuit. So John had to tell them off so Pip has gone to bed in a huff.
John has said Spot Will probably be feeling strange today and might settle better in the morning.

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BenTheRotti said...

Hi Bobby.

aaaawww poor little spot! Don't you and the Mop be getting all green eyed and grumpy with him, he must be feeling so sad and lost right now, I know you can find it in your heart to make exceptions for a few days for the little fella.. just till he settles in!

Hope he finds a furever home real soon!

Ben xxxxxx