Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Hi Bobby here, as you can see it just gets worse for little Pip, he now has an infection in his little bits. He was rushed back to the vets, he has got to have antibiotics to help him get better.

He is not very well I even tried to play with him but he is not interested so he must be sick.
Gyp must be felling sorry for him too she let him lay beside her he is crying all the time John and Brenda are worried so am I, even though I call him I do like him a little bit.

Gyp is a nice old girl, John said she is no bother at all, but she is a bit stiff in the legs.


BenTheRotti said...

Gyp has a lovely face, she looks kind.
Poor little Mop. Again I can sympathise. I had an infection when Mum and Dad brought me home for the first time. I had to go to the vets too and i got some pink pills that made me all better, tell Mop not to worry, the pills really do work. I hope they didn't give him the same pills i had though! They were gigantic pink things, I swear they were probably bigger than the mops head!!

send him some more rotti get well smoochies would you please Bobby

Ben xxxx

Cara said...

Hope the mop sorry must be nice Pip gets better soon.
Gyp looks a lovely old girl.

Take care

Anonymous said...

hi bobby. hope pip is better now. just got back from our hols. doesnt the old gal look like ned( we really miss him). bye for now jasper, pippa, whiskey and sasha xxxxx. ps we are putting hol picks on tazs blog. might cheer pip up