Sunday, 7 September 2008

Hi Bob here, That photo was not the Mop,he is not that cute, speaking of cute
Ben I bet you would like to lick this little cute thing. or a little snack may be
Your mam would love to tickle her little tummy.

I bet she would forgive this little chap for what ever he is sorry for.

Well back to us, not so cute dogs, we went to the beach and it was not raining after all, the Mop came too he has not been for a while, because of his op, but all seems well now.
The sea has been that rough it has taken the sand away and just left stones.
We had to jump about two feet down off the ramp normally we just walk straight onto the sand.
I think Gyp is starting to enjoy going out, before she was heading back for the car as soon as she had done her ablutions now she is walking more.

Just like the Mop straight into the water, we watched the sea for a long time, well John and Gyp did it was very rough.

I am a little worried about Gyp, John said she is so nice, and as the owner or his family have not been in touch for over three months she will probably need re-homing. He said me and the Mop can go and live in a cardboard box in London and she can stay here.
I don't know if he is joking or not, I don't know where London is, so if anybody wants a great dog (I mean Gyp, nobody wants me) she will be appearing on the web site soon.
Does this cat not know that this pup will grow into a big dog


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Bobby,

Gyp is gorgeous. She reminds Mum of Ned (can't remember what they renamed him, Mum says he will always be Ned to her!) The doggy that Auntie Liz fostered. I'm sure she will find a furever home really quick. You would have us all think no-one wants you, I'm not convinced, I just think John and Brenda love you too much to just let anyone have you!
Mum was cooing over the photos, you were right she would definatley be tickling that belly and she would forgive that puppy anything!.. as for that cat .. well.. we all know cats are dumb!


Ben xxxxx

BenTheRotti said...

Pop on over to my blog when you get the chance, I left a little award there for you.


Ben xxx