Monday, 8 September 2008

Open wide, that one will have to come out.

Hi Bobby here,
Well as you can see the Mop is out and dashing around flinging his self down in front of any dog he sees, the dog is obviously wondering what it is that has chucked itself on the ground.
But I was already having a chuckle to myself when I saw his hair cut, this dog had lots of hair last time I saw him now look at him.
I don't know what beauty parlour he went to for his hair cut but he should sue them. If I was him I would hide away until it grew again.
Here is another baby Seagull, Lynne said to feed them for a few days (previous blog) then they fly away. Well not ours it has been here for over two weeks now. But it did fly about a bit, but it comes back. It stands and squeals at Brenda to be fed every morning and most of the day.
It starts crying very early, and the other night we got no sleep, Brenda likes the wind chimes, John was demented, him and me,we came down stairs at 3 am to take them down then the Seagull started about an hour later.
When we got up John was going on at Brenda about the wind chimes keeping him awake she said I never heard them I like them, he said they are fine in Spain in a gentle breeze but not in the North East of England in a bloody gale.
I don't know how she could not hear them I could, I was glad when John got up and said he was going to take them down, then when the Seagull started, well I blame Lynne Brenda would not know how to look after it if Lynne had not told her how.
I am going to bed now, I hope the weather tomorrow is like today, I have
not got wet once.
Good Night Sleepy Bobby


BenTheRotti said...

Mum likes wind chimes, we have some in our garden too. It must be a "mad woman" thing!
Fortunatley for me I sleep at the opposite side of the house so they don't disturb me, Dad would sleep through a eathquake so they don't disturb him, the kids don't wake up for anything once they have dropped off.. and Mum put them there so who cares if she sleeps or not!

Hmmm seagulls.. don't get those at our house, but we get some other twitterers that poop everywhere thanks to the fat balls Mum insists on leaving out for them!

Come to think of it.. Mum is the root cause of all our issues.. maybe we should send her and Brenda off to some Hippy commune where they can worship the wind chimes and flappy feathered things to their hearts content.. without bothering us!!

Hope the rain stays away.. it's forecast to bucket it down here tomorrow!!

Ben xxxxxxxx

happy said...

A baby seagull! How cute! Hope Mop is better now.

Anonymous said...

Bobby why not sneak to lynns in the middle of the night, put up the wind chines and leave the seagul as well. everyone will sleep. lynn wont mind!