Sunday, 21 September 2008

Ready for take off.

Well the Mop was still in Sam's face today, I think Sam was sick of him he was dodging him. John said he is very good to put up with a pest like the Mop and not grump at him.
I think John was hinting at me, just because I grumped at Sam for coming too near my bed. John is getting on my nerves fussing over all the dogs he brings in, going on about how good they are, and this Sam how clever he is and how he would be great for agility training.
I jump up and down the step to go out for a pee how much more agile do you need to be.
Well anyway Sam is gone already Val came today because she did not have a dog in foster at the moment and was happy to take Sam. He proberbly asked to go to get the Mop out of his face.


BenTheRotti said...

Oh dear.. you ARE grumpy today! Do I detect a hint of jealousy.. listen here Grumpy Pants.. no matter how much John fusses over the dogs that come to stay and no matter how much praise he bestows them with.. which doggy gets to stay with John furever? which doggy has John as his furever Dad?

That would be you doofus!

Ive been meaning to ask this.. is the Mop a furever pup too .. because if he is.. *snort..chuckle..snort* that makes him..



Ben xxxxx

The Girl said...

Listen to Ben, Bobby, he's a pretty wise dog! Everydoggy else (except the Mop) comes and goes, but YOU get to stay!

Brown dog kisses,

Pee Ess I get really grumpy when Khavana my roommate Min Pin tries to get in my bed, or take my toys, or MY BONES, too!