Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Mop was waiting to jump out at Suzy .

Now I am really mad the chicken Brenda left became another burnt offering John put it in the oven then we went out. The Mop was going on about the Bee costume, could he go in it to frighten the other dogs, so he put it on then off we went to the park, in the shed on wheels. Yes I have had to swallow my pride and get in otherwise I could not go.

At the park the Mop kept jumping out at every dog that passed he is lucky they did not eat him, Suzy got a shock then played with him but poor Charlie was frightened of him.

Once he knew Charlie was scared of him he kept going right up to his face, I wouldn't care Charlie could have swallowed him hole but he is so gentle, he just kept turning away

John had told him he could not go in the water with the Bee suit on so what did he do, he ran into the water with Suzy and played in it. He had to come out to take his suit off then he went back in all wet and muddy.

I kept on at John to go home I was looking forward to my tea mixed with some nice fresh cooked chicken. We started to head out of the park then we met Oscar so back we went while the Mop and Oscar tore around I tried to tell John he had not set the timer on the cooker.

I even tried to tell Oscars mam to remind John she did not understand what I was saying. John was too busy watching the Mop flying about with a stick he pinched off Oscar.

Finally we came home John said some swear word as we came in all to do with him forgetting the chicken, another senior moment.
The thing was like eating saw dust it could not have got any dryer. I really enjoy it when Brenda does it. How can the same thing taste so different?
If things don’t get better soon I am going to ask Lynne to put me in kennels, John can keep his crap sausage, chicken and the shed on wheels.

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BenTheRotti said...

Bobby you crack me up!

I think you should ban Brenda from going away, or hire a chef and ban John from the kitchen!

Ben xxx