Monday, 22 September 2008

Hi I am sick of burnt sausages Brenda is away in Cheshire to see her parents. When she is here we often get a sausage for a snack in the evening..Brenda usually gets them at Asda when they are reduced, she left two packs for John to cook. I sat down to do the blog last night and they were in the pan, John forgot about them. Me and pip could smell them before John did by then they were black, so he had to scrape them. I still ate mine and Pip ate his but I was not happy about it. That is every night since Brenda went away we have had burnt sausage.

So I was laughing to myself this morning when John put his glasses on and the little plastic thing that goes on his nose had fallen out of his glasses, he was obviously not thinking straight because he started feeling all over the floor, well the Mop wanted to see what was going on so he started sniffing and guess who found it first and started chewing it, John started chasing him shouting leave, but he ran around, then when John finally caught him he swallowed it.

I hope Brenda has not left for good I like her cooking, also John is having senior moments he went upstairs for his jumper, then came down without it, and had to go up again. Its OK for you Ben, you get biscuits made for you and I see on other dog blogs they get cakes. I get burnt sausage for a treat. The Mop is here to stay poor thing I feel sorry for him but as he is a daft dog he just walks about wagging his tail.


lebdale said...

"my sides are splitting" stop it bobby your just too funny your blog always raises my spirits

The Girl said...

Well, the Mop was just being helpful!

If I didn't think they'd get stale, I'd send you some homebaked cookies, Bobby!

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl

BenTheRotti said...

Bobby you crack me up.. I agree with Auntie Lynne, reading your blog is always a tonic!
I told Mum about the burnt sausages, she says next time she makes treats that will travel ok she will make you some and send them.. unfortunatley she says you have to share with the Mop!!

Ben xxxx