Wednesday, 10 September 2008

This is just the sort of thing the Mop would do.
I have now seen everything John said he was going to get a little van so we could go to the beach and the hills, with a dog bed in for me to lie down, because I can not sit.

Well I imagined a lovely van with carpet and my bed in, and what has he got a shed, if he thinks I am going to travel in it he can think again.We went
to the beach in the car because, John said the van is not ready to go in yet I said to the Mop It will never be ready for me. The Mop is pleased with it he carried his rag doll and put it in, daft thing played in it.

Now the thing is he got it on Monday and he could not find the engine, he opened the bonnet and there it was, not there, he looked in the back it was not there, he said to me watch no one steals it while I go for Brenda. I don't know what he thought Brenda would do or who would want to pinch it.

Brenda came out and pointed to the air intake and said is that it, even I know an engine is bigger than that.
He gave up looking for the engine and started to try to open the back door after a couple of hours he gave up trying that.

So by last night he had not found the engine, the back door was still not opening he guessed the engine must have been under the seats but could not find a way to get to it. Brenda said to ring Liz and Brian, Brian would know, well Brian came and in no time we were looking at the engine and the back door was open
This is what he thinks I will go in he must be nuts.

There is some good news the baby Seagull has flew away, so that's good we might get some sleep tonight.

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Anonymous said...

hi bobby. just imagine been at the beach in freezing rain and john having his little cooker on making coffee. you could then sit down beside the side of the van and enjoy mop watching ( the side with the flower power stickers on)