Wednesday, 17 September 2008

You are not going without me.!!!

Hi well it has been a nice day for me, we went a walk early to the park and later we went to the beach. I really enjoyed the beach the Mop tore around.
He is still running in the water even though it is going cold now.

John was busy messing with the shed on wheels when we got back and Brenda went to the shops, I was fast asleep but even though the Mop had been out and ran for ages he was still looking for something to do. All the toys we have but he decided he would tear the wall paper off the wall in two places and John had just finished it last week because he tore it off before.
When Brenda came back the Mop got well and truly told off I just lay on my bed with one eye open.

Brenda shouted John in to see what he had done, the Mop was lying on his back looking very sorry. John told him he was grounded for 40 years, but.then we went to the park and he came too now that's not fair he should not be allowed to come. But in the park he played like he had not done anything wrong still going in the water.
He is going on like nothing happened
carrying his ball and amusing them It is not right that I am so good and still no one wants me.


BenTheRotti said...

Wow that mop gets away with murder! I think you should have got a special treat for being such a good boy!

Ben xxxxx

Pee...S.. The Mop is an angel in comparison to my bridge brother. Mum and Dad once went out for five minutes on bonfire night (he hated fireworks) and he dug a hole in the wall right down to the brick.. plaster off and everything!

The Girl said...

Oh, don't be sad! It's not that no one wants you, it's that your fur-ever people just haven't met you yet! DoG is saving you just for them!

Brown dog kisses,
Dannan and The Girl

Cara said...

That Mop can you tell me how he gets away with it I would be in big trouble if I did that. You should have been here the other day when I ate my bed there was fluff everwhere.