Sunday, 14 September 2008

He got a big shock.

Hi Well I can not believe the Mop and Gypsy John took us out yesterday and then messed about with the shed on wheels that he calls a van, then he said come on I will take you out, he had thrown an old blanket down I said get lost we are not getting in. Gypsy went and got in quite happy and Pip virtually skipped in his tail wagging and he had one of my squeaky's with him.

So I walked in to the house and lay down, John drove off without me and they went to the beach, I could smell the sea on the Mop when they came back.

John said he did not take me because my leg was hurting so he took me on my own for a nice walk.

David rang this morning to see if I wanted to go to Hamsley forest he was taking the kids so I was so pleased, well he took the Mop and me and when I went to get in the car it was another shed on wheels only this one was bright yellow, well I swallowed my pride and got in.

I had a great time when I came back I was so tired, I was not the only one the Mop and Connor was too.

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