Monday, 29 September 2008

Hi Grumpy Bobby here,

The daft Mop started to do his throw myself in front of the dog act to little Spot. I was thinking stupid thing little Spot will tear your throat out.
Then next thing that happened I could not believe my eyes he is as daft as the Mop

We all went to the beach this morning and John decided to let Spot off the lead, he ran about and really enjoyed himself playing.
Then the Mop ran into the sea and Spot followed I think he got a big shock he was not used to the water or it was too cold for him.

Then we went to the park this evening and Spot met some of our friends he growled at first and then he just stood, I think he is a bit nervous but he loved it when he was picked up and nursed soft thing.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

This is little Spot you can see by his ear why he was named Spot.
John went out today and came back with another dog, I thought he must go out and dog nap all the dogs he brings here.
But he was telling me poor Spots owner has died, so now he needs a new home. He is a five year old little Jack Russell he was playing with the Mop when he came then they argued over a biscuit. So John had to tell them off so Pip has gone to bed in a huff.
John has said Spot Will probably be feeling strange today and might settle better in the morning.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Another nice sunny day, we are lucky we have had about 10 days this summer. Now have you noticed the Mop looking more Moppy, he is getting worse everyday. John bathed him and brushed him then we went to the park and he played with some big dogs in muddy black water and came home filthy again.

Look at him if he was a mop by now you would toss it out and get a new one. How could they have called this thing Pip, my name for him is more appropriate. Brenda went to book him in the beauty parlour weeks ago and they could not do him until October the 9th. So any young ones wondering what to do I would suggest you go into grooming Mops and other poncy dogs.

Well Brenda is back and we have had really nice sausage snacks in the evening, the chicken was cooked to perfection, so I am quite happy. John is useless as a cook he thinks you can walk away and the food will take itself out of the oven when its ready. The washing was something else all covered in red bits. Here is John coming I better go or he will see I am calling him.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Hi Look at Gypsy now sporting a new red collar and looking really good, it is great to hear how they are getting on when they leave here.
A great big woof to Heather and Dave from The Mop and Me and a thank you from John for giving Gypsy an older dog a home John was right he said she would touch your hearts and it sounds like she has.
Now panic has set in Brenda is coming home tomorrow so all of a sudden John is remembering all the things he was supposed to do.
I am so pleased I will get some decent food The Mop is dancing about all excited.
John is going on about how we have to be up and out early, so he can get some jobs done when we get back. John looks more panicky than happy.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The Mop was waiting to jump out at Suzy .

Now I am really mad the chicken Brenda left became another burnt offering John put it in the oven then we went out. The Mop was going on about the Bee costume, could he go in it to frighten the other dogs, so he put it on then off we went to the park, in the shed on wheels. Yes I have had to swallow my pride and get in otherwise I could not go.

At the park the Mop kept jumping out at every dog that passed he is lucky they did not eat him, Suzy got a shock then played with him but poor Charlie was frightened of him.

Once he knew Charlie was scared of him he kept going right up to his face, I wouldn't care Charlie could have swallowed him hole but he is so gentle, he just kept turning away

John had told him he could not go in the water with the Bee suit on so what did he do, he ran into the water with Suzy and played in it. He had to come out to take his suit off then he went back in all wet and muddy.

I kept on at John to go home I was looking forward to my tea mixed with some nice fresh cooked chicken. We started to head out of the park then we met Oscar so back we went while the Mop and Oscar tore around I tried to tell John he had not set the timer on the cooker.

I even tried to tell Oscars mam to remind John she did not understand what I was saying. John was too busy watching the Mop flying about with a stick he pinched off Oscar.

Finally we came home John said some swear word as we came in all to do with him forgetting the chicken, another senior moment.
The thing was like eating saw dust it could not have got any dryer. I really enjoy it when Brenda does it. How can the same thing taste so different?
If things don’t get better soon I am going to ask Lynne to put me in kennels, John can keep his crap sausage, chicken and the shed on wheels.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Hi I am sick of burnt sausages Brenda is away in Cheshire to see her parents. When she is here we often get a sausage for a snack in the evening..Brenda usually gets them at Asda when they are reduced, she left two packs for John to cook. I sat down to do the blog last night and they were in the pan, John forgot about them. Me and pip could smell them before John did by then they were black, so he had to scrape them. I still ate mine and Pip ate his but I was not happy about it. That is every night since Brenda went away we have had burnt sausage.

So I was laughing to myself this morning when John put his glasses on and the little plastic thing that goes on his nose had fallen out of his glasses, he was obviously not thinking straight because he started feeling all over the floor, well the Mop wanted to see what was going on so he started sniffing and guess who found it first and started chewing it, John started chasing him shouting leave, but he ran around, then when John finally caught him he swallowed it.

I hope Brenda has not left for good I like her cooking, also John is having senior moments he went upstairs for his jumper, then came down without it, and had to go up again. Its OK for you Ben, you get biscuits made for you and I see on other dog blogs they get cakes. I get burnt sausage for a treat. The Mop is here to stay poor thing I feel sorry for him but as he is a daft dog he just walks about wagging his tail.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Ready for take off.

Well the Mop was still in Sam's face today, I think Sam was sick of him he was dodging him. John said he is very good to put up with a pest like the Mop and not grump at him.
I think John was hinting at me, just because I grumped at Sam for coming too near my bed. John is getting on my nerves fussing over all the dogs he brings in, going on about how good they are, and this Sam how clever he is and how he would be great for agility training.
I jump up and down the step to go out for a pee how much more agile do you need to be.
Well anyway Sam is gone already Val came today because she did not have a dog in foster at the moment and was happy to take Sam. He proberbly asked to go to get the Mop out of his face.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

So cute

Hi, A great sunny day Yippee, after we came back from the beach John went out and came back with a dog called Sam, not the quite Sam who I know.

The Mop was pleased to see him, he kept throwing himself in front of him, I grumped at him, but he took no notice of me, so I went and lay on my bed in case he went on it.

I was disgusted with the Mop he would not leave Sam alone every where Sam went the Mop followed and threw him self down Sam must have wonderd what this daft dog was doing.

Sam is looking for a home he is Three years old.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

You are not going without me.!!!

Hi well it has been a nice day for me, we went a walk early to the park and later we went to the beach. I really enjoyed the beach the Mop tore around.
He is still running in the water even though it is going cold now.

John was busy messing with the shed on wheels when we got back and Brenda went to the shops, I was fast asleep but even though the Mop had been out and ran for ages he was still looking for something to do. All the toys we have but he decided he would tear the wall paper off the wall in two places and John had just finished it last week because he tore it off before.
When Brenda came back the Mop got well and truly told off I just lay on my bed with one eye open.

Brenda shouted John in to see what he had done, the Mop was lying on his back looking very sorry. John told him he was grounded for 40 years, but.then we went to the park and he came too now that's not fair he should not be allowed to come. But in the park he played like he had not done anything wrong still going in the water.
He is going on like nothing happened
carrying his ball and amusing them It is not right that I am so good and still no one wants me.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Hello Well Gypsy has gone to a nice new home in Newcastle, We went for a walk in the park then John went off with Gyp on her own..When he came back Pip ran behind him to see Gyp, and John said she is very lucky she has nice new owners that will really take good care of her.
He has just spoke to Heather who has adopted Gypsy to see if everything was okay and John was so pleased they are very happy with her.
John said give them a few days and she will get right into there hearts as she is a really nice dog, I would like to say on behalf of all us old dogs that get a second chance thank you to the people who adopt us truly Kind Hearts.
Now if anyone has been looking at the pawz site as I just have, you might notice that I am not there anymore. I know I was at the bottom before under the mice even. But now they have removed me completely, how come nobody wants me, its true I am a little grumpy, I do have a little wind that does not smell quite like roses, but I still need love like all dogs. Only one person has asked about me, he took one look at me and took a cat instead.
John said see you put people off dogs all together.I am really trying to be nice. Ah well I am happy for Gypsy, I am going to bed now I can not stay up as long as John Pip went to bed ages ago but he is still a baby.
Good Night

Sunday, 14 September 2008

He got a big shock.

Hi Well I can not believe the Mop and Gypsy John took us out yesterday and then messed about with the shed on wheels that he calls a van, then he said come on I will take you out, he had thrown an old blanket down I said get lost we are not getting in. Gypsy went and got in quite happy and Pip virtually skipped in his tail wagging and he had one of my squeaky's with him.

So I walked in to the house and lay down, John drove off without me and they went to the beach, I could smell the sea on the Mop when they came back.

John said he did not take me because my leg was hurting so he took me on my own for a nice walk.

David rang this morning to see if I wanted to go to Hamsley forest he was taking the kids so I was so pleased, well he took the Mop and me and when I went to get in the car it was another shed on wheels only this one was bright yellow, well I swallowed my pride and got in.

I had a great time when I came back I was so tired, I was not the only one the Mop and Connor was too.

Friday, 12 September 2008


Hi Grumpy Bobby here,I am fed up again of the rain, John said we are lucky some people are flooded out water running in their homes that must be awful.Well the Mop has pestered poor Gypsy so much that she tried to hold him still. It must have worked because next thing he curled up with her and went to sleep.

I am going to bed I hope it is nice tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

This is just the sort of thing the Mop would do.
I have now seen everything John said he was going to get a little van so we could go to the beach and the hills, with a dog bed in for me to lie down, because I can not sit.

Well I imagined a lovely van with carpet and my bed in, and what has he got a shed, if he thinks I am going to travel in it he can think again.We went
to the beach in the car because, John said the van is not ready to go in yet I said to the Mop It will never be ready for me. The Mop is pleased with it he carried his rag doll and put it in, daft thing played in it.

Now the thing is he got it on Monday and he could not find the engine, he opened the bonnet and there it was, not there, he looked in the back it was not there, he said to me watch no one steals it while I go for Brenda. I don't know what he thought Brenda would do or who would want to pinch it.

Brenda came out and pointed to the air intake and said is that it, even I know an engine is bigger than that.
He gave up looking for the engine and started to try to open the back door after a couple of hours he gave up trying that.

So by last night he had not found the engine, the back door was still not opening he guessed the engine must have been under the seats but could not find a way to get to it. Brenda said to ring Liz and Brian, Brian would know, well Brian came and in no time we were looking at the engine and the back door was open
This is what he thinks I will go in he must be nuts.

There is some good news the baby Seagull has flew away, so that's good we might get some sleep tonight.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Open wide, that one will have to come out.

Hi Bobby here,
Well as you can see the Mop is out and dashing around flinging his self down in front of any dog he sees, the dog is obviously wondering what it is that has chucked itself on the ground.
But I was already having a chuckle to myself when I saw his hair cut, this dog had lots of hair last time I saw him now look at him.
I don't know what beauty parlour he went to for his hair cut but he should sue them. If I was him I would hide away until it grew again.
Here is another baby Seagull, Lynne said to feed them for a few days (previous blog) then they fly away. Well not ours it has been here for over two weeks now. But it did fly about a bit, but it comes back. It stands and squeals at Brenda to be fed every morning and most of the day.
It starts crying very early, and the other night we got no sleep, Brenda likes the wind chimes, John was demented, him and me,we came down stairs at 3 am to take them down then the Seagull started about an hour later.
When we got up John was going on at Brenda about the wind chimes keeping him awake she said I never heard them I like them, he said they are fine in Spain in a gentle breeze but not in the North East of England in a bloody gale.
I don't know how she could not hear them I could, I was glad when John got up and said he was going to take them down, then when the Seagull started, well I blame Lynne Brenda would not know how to look after it if Lynne had not told her how.
I am going to bed now, I hope the weather tomorrow is like today, I have
not got wet once.
Good Night Sleepy Bobby

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Hi Bob here, That photo was not the Mop,he is not that cute, speaking of cute
Ben I bet you would like to lick this little cute thing. or a little snack may be
Your mam would love to tickle her little tummy.

I bet she would forgive this little chap for what ever he is sorry for.

Well back to us, not so cute dogs, we went to the beach and it was not raining after all, the Mop came too he has not been for a while, because of his op, but all seems well now.
The sea has been that rough it has taken the sand away and just left stones.
We had to jump about two feet down off the ramp normally we just walk straight onto the sand.
I think Gyp is starting to enjoy going out, before she was heading back for the car as soon as she had done her ablutions now she is walking more.

Just like the Mop straight into the water, we watched the sea for a long time, well John and Gyp did it was very rough.

I am a little worried about Gyp, John said she is so nice, and as the owner or his family have not been in touch for over three months she will probably need re-homing. He said me and the Mop can go and live in a cardboard box in London and she can stay here.
I don't know if he is joking or not, I don't know where London is, so if anybody wants a great dog (I mean Gyp, nobody wants me) she will be appearing on the web site soon.
Does this cat not know that this pup will grow into a big dog