Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The scented car

Hi Lord Bobby here,
I have had the worst ride in a car that I have ever had, no it was not going down to see the corgi's and Liz.

It all started last night when Auntie Lynn asked Brenda to take two feral cats to the vets one was a Tom. Now in fairness I even heard her say after they are done they smell worse than a skunk if they spray so wrap the cage in a blanket in case it leeks out.
When Brenda came back, John, Haircut and me went out to go to the park Brenda had said nothing about a smell.

Well all I can say is Phew!!!! but that is not what John said, and it got worse when he looked back and saw haircut rolling all over the back, on its back like it was something great. John opened the windows at both sides but on the way to the park it was like one of those virus movies as we went up the road people were collapsing on to the pavement clutching there noses and throats. I was trying to stick my head out of the window as I was nearly sick but people were shouting shut those b***** windows. John and I fell out of the car, we could not get out quick enough, but the stupid Mop was still rolling all over in the back.

We had to wait at the park for the police to give us an escort home after they had warned everyone to stay indoors, they all had gas masks on I asked for one but they did not have one to fit me.

We had just got back when Lynn was on the phone to see how things had gone, she said, I did say how bad it was and to keep a blanket wrapped around the cage, the b***** blanket was disintegrated like Dracula seeing the sun. Lynn said you can try Daz to clean it, Daz I ask you it will take more than Daz if you know of something please let us know. John had the best idea he said the car smells that bad I will just have it crushed .

I lay down to have a little sleep with the smell still up my nostrils and had a nightmare it was like I was on LSD or hash there was loads of Mops all over the place and they all smelled like the car .
I am going to bed now so I hope this is just a dream and Lynn has not been for another little favour just until she finds them homes.


lebdale said...

now bobby tell your dad i did say more than once to make sure the car seat was covered in case of leakages. cause i have a lot of experience of that smell and it makes your eyes water just think what its like for the poor foster carers that take these toms in to thier homes after being freshly nuetered.

Anonymous said...

Well Lord Bobsie,I kwow exactly what your talking about i went to the town today in that very car,and well it was the worst journey of my life,and believe me this one tops the lot,not only did i hav to cope with rancid smell of wee but your mam also sprayed the car with vinegar (yes vinegar)we were very lucky we also didnt hav to cope with the smell of sick,coz it took all of my super powerto keep it down!!!!!!!To top that, the fumegation people were waiting for us when we arrived at the town,i hav never been so embarassed in all my life!!!!sorry i'm gonna hav to go and be sick,oh the thought..........