Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hi This is big Jack at the Park we had to walk very slow and wait for him to come up, we were at the top and I was laughing because it took him so long to get up the steps. Pip said I think he is fat, John told him off he said it is rude to call him fat, he is a little over weight, then he told me off for laughing at him.
I nearly said to John are you blind he is fat, a little over weight rubbish that's fat, but I did not say it.

He also said Hazel would be very pleased to see how kind I was being to Jack as I used to really grump at him when he was with Hazel, she always said I will give you a treat if you don't grump at Jack, but I had to have a little grump at him.

I don't now, when John told me what had happened I felt sorry for him and anyway the food you get here poor thing will end up like a greyhound.
We went to the beach and Jack went and lay in the water a wave came and he got soaked then shook and nearly drowned us all.

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happy said...

Oh poor Jack, he didn't look too pleased soaking wet there. Hmm...he's not fat.