Monday, 9 June 2008

Pom gone

Dogs and Cats. The Pom has LEFT the building yippee!!!!

John took us all out yesterday then took the dummy sucking powder puff Bobby the Pom, (I would say Pomeranian but I can not spell it) out without us, and came back without it.
He said it had got a nice new home, if it will not chase the cats, the lady has rang he is chasing the cats.

John has told her to get a water pistol a couple of squirts stops it ,I know this to be true I used to fly at the door with gnashing teeth if someone came in. Now I don't do that anymore If I forget John just shows me the water pistol and I remember so John is happy and I love him saying good boy.
Then we went to the park and it dawned on me that its just me and Haircut silly little thing, John is testing its intelligence he put its ball and a treat on the bench to see if it could work out how to get them. I just went up to get the treat, he asked me to get his ball I said get lost short house, I just could not reach the treat , he said please get my ball Bob, Bob how dare he, Lord Bobby to you pup, no respect for my title the young of today are all the same.

Now I feel a little stupid guess who got the treat and the ball the daft thing went to the end and just walked along, why didn't I think of that. So it got the treat and its ball that made me a little grumpy.
Then it jumped down and walked away with its ball and shouted come on grumpy old man.
I am now planing my revenge I will push it in the water.


lebdale said...

Oh Bobby dont you realise yet that the pom going has left a space!!!!!

taz and all the dogs in need said...

And who knows what might fill the space, you never know, you may be screaming for the pom back lol

happy said...

Glad to know the pom has found a home. Let's hope he cuts out on the cat chasing. Wouldn't want him to be back again, do you? Hehe...

BenTheRotti said...

aaawww i will miss the loofah!! and i bet you will secretly too Bobby!

Did i read this post right.. did haircut get one over on you??

hehehehe aaww don't be grumpy.. just make out like you LET him get one over on you

Ben xxxx