Friday, 6 June 2008

Hi Bobby here,

I have been talking to the Powder Puff or Bobby the Pom or Loofah as Ben called him, I feel quite sorry for him really, he was telling me he was rescued three years ago by a couple. They have had to give him up as they have moved into sheltered housing and they could not take him, they had tried everything but were told no.

John had gone to pick the Pom up the poor lady was breaking her heart, she was telling John how he had no fur and was full of mange when they rescued him. He was so frightened he hid shivering under the table it took a month before he began to trust them.

So the condition he is in now is a credit to them they truly were kind hearts, John said it is such a shame they could not take him to live with them.
I can not understand humans they wont let people take there beloved pets, and this couple have like an apartment not just a room so I think they could assess the pet if someone already has one.
But as you can see by my blog pictures he is happy now and loves his walks and runs so I think who ever adopts him will be very pleased with him unless you want me instead.
I will be good (promise)

Brenda took the Mop out and when she came back with it I could not believe it was him, poor thing is scalped. I think it must be a punishment for the toilet roll annihilation. I am not going to touch a toilet roll heaven knows what Brenda would do to me she likes the Mop and look whats happened to him.
I can not really call this a Mop now can I so its got to be Pip or Hair cut.

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BenTheRotti said...

Oh my doG!! That is what was under that mop-do?? He is actually quite cute!! You are right though, we can't keep calling him the mop!! so the haircut it is hehehe

Poor loofah's story is a really sad one, maybe i will start to call him Bobby2 instead of loofah!


Ben xxxxx