Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Hi Bobby here this picture is us all relaxing after having a good walk before Sam went, I am not on, well someone had to take the photo.
Now today it has never stopped raining John took us to the park this morning and the Mop would not walk in the rain. John carried it so then it had to walk back we were soaked I can not understand the Mop it runs into water everywhere we go but it wont walk in the rain.

John would not take the Mop when we went out this afternoon it was still raining, but the Pom was quite happy to go I was not bothered but I went to keep John happy.
The Mop must have got bored, I fell asleep John was busy upstairs Brenda was at Asda looking for bargains, John says she spends a fortune to save money. When I opened my eyes I could not believe what I saw.

I said you are in trouble now, but he did not care he ran about shaking his head sending bits all over. Then I heard Brenda come in.

I could not help looking guilty and I had nothing to do with it, the Mop tried to pretend he had not done it but he had give away signs.

One toilet roll makes a lot of small pieces when a Mop gets it , the Pom kept right out of the way.
The Mop got told off again, this is another thing I don't understand about the Mop it does not care when It gets told off Brenda was picking bits up and it was jumping all over grabbing them again daft thing.


happy said...

Uh oh, what a mess! But Mop looked so cute in the picture hehe

BenTheRotti said...

oh my doG!! Good thing that the mop had some evidence left on him or you would have got in trouble BIG TIME!! That mop can do one fantastic innocent face, he should get a doggy oscar!!
Mum is running around hiding the toilet rolls now.. silly mare.. I have better things to do than tear up toilet rolls!!!!

Ben xxxxx

ps.. will post some pics of me in my (ok..Mums) T[Shirt soon, The little beans are on holiday from school so Mum is neglecting helping me blog!!.. How RUDE!!

Ben xxxx

cool hand Luke said...

oh what a naughty dog mop is, and he looks so innocent too. its a good job you are there Bobby to make sure he doesnt get into even more trouble !!
Everyone looks so comfy on that sofa . :)
love from Linda and Luke xx

Peg said...

Oh my goodness fancy trying to blame The Mop :o)
Absolutely hilarious I loved my visit.