Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hi Bobby here I feel very grumpy today and its no wonder I live with a grumpy human it started this morning over socks. Fathers day brings socks apparently and listening in, John is going on about how can they make socks to fit feet size 6 to 13 Brenda said I don't know, now it seems usually they are 6 to 11 and even then he said its not right the heel comes above your ankle if you are size 8. Now he says the heel on these will come behind his knee, and suspenders would not go amiss.

Well we went to the park then the beach tonight and he was still going on about socks, I am just pleased I don't need them. I wish he had not got them I bet Brenda is sick of hearing about it as well, I hope he has forgot by tomorrow grumpy old human.

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lebdale said...

never mind the socks have you checked out lukes cool boot on his blog a dog is just for christmas bet you will want a set