Thursday, 19 June 2008

Heart broken

Hi, broken hearted Bobby here,
The Mop is always saying mum and dad; I said its John and Brenda. It is to you, he said, because you don’t belong here really you don’t have a proper home you don’t have a mum and dad.
But of course I have, Brenda and John are my mum and dad, its just I am older than the Mop so I am allowed to call them by their first names.
Then last night I went to bed at 2130 as usual, then very late John came up and I looked up, he said you could be going to a new home soon. I was so pleased I like new places.
I woke early this morning and when I walked into the room John was teaching the Mop how to do my blog, I said he can not do that, John said he will have to learn
If you go to a new home, what! Me, just me on my own, I thought you meant we were all going,
My little heart was pounding I really have tried to be good, if John calls me when we are out I come straight away, I only grump at some dogs, I have even been playing with the Mop. I thought John loved me now, he is always saying, aw, our little Bobby.
I did not mean to cock my leg and wee down Mary’s jeans in the park, There was a few of us there and no one saw me do it, when Mary felt it and said I think it was Bobby, John stuck up for me and said, you are blaming poor little Bobby because he is the only dog who has not got a home, they all went aww, so if that’s what it’s about, I promise I will never do it again.
I know I go on about wanting a home, but I really thought they could not let me go,because they care for me so much.
I love them both and now I am so worried about moving on with out John who seems to understand me so well.
My little heart is aching I feel like it is breaking in two, I am so frightened what is going to become of me???????


Pudding the blind cat said...

Hi Bob,Pud here,just wanted to send my condolencies,i never thought this day would come!!!..
I thought like u (sorry,like you) that john and Brenda would be there till the end,but it goes to show that when you start to feel settled and feel like you can trust them they cart you off to some stranger that doesnt understand you,well dont worry Bob me and the rest of the gang are here for you and were gonna do all we can,now dont worry we'll be in touch soon with an amazing escape plan x x x x pudding x

cool hand Luke said...

Bobby I really wouldnt worry, I think you are safe for now, phew.
Luke is going to visit his possible new home tomorrow, so he may be leaving us, we are so happy as the man who wants him is really nice, but oh boy we will be very sad to say goodbye.
keep smiling Bobby ,
Love Linda and Luke

Anonymous said...

dont worry bobby, you ll be will always be in john and brenda s hearts( bet john has a secret sob). good luck

BenTheRotti said...


Silly Mum is leaking water out of her eyes and all over the keyboard! This is GOOD news.. I loved Joe at the kennels and so i was really scared to leave him and go off with these two strange people and their two little mini-me's. I mean they seemed nice enough and they had put a lovely comfy bed in the back of the Landrover but I didn't want to leave Joe!! I'm glad I didn't get my own way though because I have a really happy life now and lots of attention and love and nice walks and belly rubs. I will always love Joe because he looked after me when no-one else wanted me but a forever home is just that.. forever.. and lots of good stuff comes out of it. You will love John and Brenda always and they will love you always but your very own home will be wonderful. Maybe your new Mum and Dad will get you a new blog and then we can all stay in touch. Mum's wailing again (she is such a girl-pants) Mum says John should only let you go on condition we get a happy bobby blog!! hehehe
She is one to talk, I haven't got near my blog in ages!! grandma's, kids, sunshine and spring cleaning.. the woman has a never ending catalogue of excuses.. I will be the grumpy one soon!!

big rotti smoooochies,

Ben xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I would not worry Bobby I have seen you with John in the Park. I bet he will not let you go.
He will find a reason why you should not go, he loves you.
The Mop is too young to do the blog,it needs someone like you an old wise dog.