Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Hi, Lord Bobby here, one has had quite a nice day, one was chauffeured to the Park this morning.
I had a saunter around the grounds and met several acquaintances, of course the haircut had to accompany me.
I returned and had a lunch of chicken and ham then later went for a promenade on the sand so one was quite worn out and had 40 winks when we returned to the abode.

I have rang my friends the corgis this evening I might call next week and play in there garden with them. Lizzy always puts a good spread on. Old Toby senior Corgi told her One was on the phone I heard her yell Ah little Bobby is most welcome but not Monday I have the washing hanging out, then I have all the ironing to do Phil likes creases in his underpants.

John has just rang the Poms new owners to see how he was getting on, and it seems that it is OK, he has ignored one of the cats, the other one is keeping out of his way, but they say they will not give up.
So it looks like all is well and it wont be coming back. Phew!!!


BenTheRotti said...

Now be honest Bobby.. are you really glad that Loofah isn't coming back? I thought you were growing a little fond of the little pom-pom

Ben xxxx

BenTheRotti said...

Oh and i forgot to add..

One doesn't get invited to garden parties at Lizzies place, apparently the corgi's think I am beneath their royal paws and lizzie finds my flatulence rather uncouth, how very rude of them all!!

Ben xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello,This is your majesty her.
I must say the darling corgi's have not stopped going on about the afternoon tea party we had in the name of Sir Bobby,It was such a splendid afternoon,my sincere apologise to Ben the rotti,but we were advised he doesnt agree with cucumber sandwiches (such a shame)i shall insist my butler makes him a good old steak next time we have Sir Bob over.
Must dash phily is still waitin for his creased underpants?