Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hi excited Bob here In my e-mail I got today I have won a load of money (notice Brenda is being nice to me since she found out I am in the money)
John said he had some but Brenda took care of that.
I don't know what I will do with it.
I have told Alfie Asher & Raga that we will have a big Paws party, all will be invited.
I have sent back to claim it however I don't think they know I am a dog yet,

wait until they find out I have no money to give them to claim.

I would think bobby.grumpy@gmail.com would suggest they would get nothing out of me, a few dog biscuits maybe.

If you humans all want to start sending them e-mails to see why you have not won and a DOG has this is the e-mail mailto:-sandrabernoit1@live.com

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Your email won £738,000.00(seven hundred and thirty eight thousand pounds sterlings)from the Global promotion,Liverpool.For more information on how to redeem your price, do contact MRS SANDRA BERNOIT:Email:sandrabernoit1@live.com+44 70457 39365Congratulations from the management and staff.

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