Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bobby worn out

Well when Brenda went driving off to her mums she did not think of me,
I am worn away walking we had to be up early then had to walk to the park,
by the time we walked round then walked back all I could think of was my bed.

Then this afternoon we walked all the way to the Park again, but at least we got a lift back so that was good. I could not believe it when he got our leads out tonight and off we went to the beach walking all the way I got enough energy to play with the Mop but I forgot we had to walk back I bet I am two
inches shorter
I am very good now I play with the Mop, his hair is growing now so he nearly looks like a Mop again

Now this is me I nearly made it onto my bed.
Little Pip did not make it to his bed he just fell asleep on his toys, he ran to them when we came in and went out like a light John has carried him to his bed now..
I have come to do my blog and then I am going to bed and if John wants to go out again he can go by his self.
Good night.

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โชติ ธรีะวิท said...

Ohh so this is how your first post looks like