Thursday, 26 June 2008

Hi Bobby here, I would not like to meet this guy in an alley.
Well it has been a bad day. Jack went yesterday and had his batteries removed. So he was still sleepy this morning, as they had to use so much stuff to put him out being so fat (sorry portly).
John took us out and Jack was slower than usual mind I am not surprised he was still groggy.
When we came back , I said Oh look I have an e-mail to fill a claims form in to get my money. John would not let me fill it in he says its a con, I think he wants it himself so I will have to keep an eye on him.
If you see him spending loads of money let me know.
Well then a lady came and she has taken Jack, she is going to care for him and keep him on a diet. I will let you know how he gets on.
Then Brenda went off to Cheshire to see her mum, so now I have to look after the Mop and John.
I think John does not want me to get my money because if I was Rich people would want me, and I think he wants me really, yes that's it I am sure.

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happy said...

Ok, 40 kilos is kind of heavy! Have fun looking after Mop and John now!