Thursday, 17 April 2008

Cool Cat

Hi Bobby here I have had a laugh today John was telling me about the dog he had years ago called
Kim, John had two false front teeth he had took them out and left them in the bathroom, Kim had got them and the next morning he said to Brenda what’s all the bits of white and pink plastic all over, Brenda picked a few bits up then started laughing she said its your teeth, John was not amused. He had a meeting at work so he rang a colleague and asked would he take the meeting, he said he was away and would not be back in time, but he had time to ring every body and tell them, as John walked along the corridor they were singing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. They all had stuck black paper over their front teeth and said what John always told them after every meeting (DON’T FORGET TO SMILE).
With Kim is Beauty the cat, John said she was a funny cat, every time Brenda went to the freezer in the garage the cat jumped in, John said it must be able to smell fish in the there. They always had to look twice in case she got in and they shut the lid. Fancy that, a cat in the freezer, I always knew they were not as clever as us dogs, we just stand by the cupboard where the food is. Its just as well I suppose the cat never got left in and froze, because Lynne would not have let John and Brenda foster me.

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taz and all the dogs in need said...

Now, now Bobby, you make me laugh. xx