Monday, 14 April 2008

Very Grumpy Bobby

Hi I was going to tell you about two pups that came to stay with us that Brenda named Tod & Meg until my friend Alfie brought something on the site to my attention well he was my friend until he has taken the mick.

How would you like it Liz if I called you booby on the web, now as you can see by this picture I do not have boobs, so I object to being called Booby.

First of all I was bottom of the list now I am moved up and get called Booby no wonder I cant get a home. Booby certainly would suit you but not me. Now you have made me show the picture of me getting a cuddle no boobys, my street cred will be gone. I am not a happy bunny about this its a good job I could not get my teeth into you. I bet you would not have dared call Ben the rotti Ben the grotti no its just me all the time. Ben is a friend of mine now mind so before you call me names on the whole of the WEB for all to see think again Grrrrrrrrr.

John has said you are not well Diz If that is so, I am sorry, It possibly was a mistake just like mine Diz opps sorry.


BenTheRotti said...

Oh Bobby you do make me laugh.. though I can see why you are getting your bra in a twist (sorry couldn't resist that one) being called Booby for all to see is slightly humiliating. Should I just jump in the Landrover now and head over to Auntie Liz' and
give her a thorough tongue lashing? She won't find it so funny when she is dripping with Rotti Drool will she??

Now it's clear from your photo that you have NO BOOBS whatsoever, so Auntie Diz (hehe) is guilty as charged.. don't worry about your street cred.. its perfectly acceptable to accept belly rubs at all times, especially from the ladies.. this scores you points in street cred! ... though it may diminish your grumpy reputation somewhat!

Your friend..

Ben xxxx

taz and all the dogs in need said...

BOOBY stop now, otherwise I will call you other names, ask John, he can tell you. Lovely guy, Bobby, not John, John is horrid, snigger, snigger. Brenda is the star xxxxxxxxxxx