Monday, 7 April 2008

Cool Hand Luke

Well great to hear from you I have seen those big sort of dog looking things on Seaburn beach they were even carrying people on there backs If anybody tried to get on my back I would take their head off.
They are obviously not very bright or they would walk along with them like we do, not carry them.
You are lucky to have Dave looking after you it was nice living there peaceful sort of normal compared to here just because John has insomnia
This morning he is shouting Molly and I at 0500 to go to the park because we would be first to run in the snow.(Do we care)
Molly and I could not believe it Molly gave a big sigh and curled up I grunted I like to get up late have a nice breakfast then go out. Brenda told him to shut up he went by himself and we all went back to sleep.
Then at eight oclock he took us It was all slushy and cold Molly went after her ball and skided in to the stream, we were both wet and cold John said serves you both right It was nice early on, we just wanted to get back home.
I have been lying by the window with the sun on me now this is the life.
Bye for now Little Bobby

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