Thursday, 10 April 2008

This is Rex when he first came he was falling over on his back legs and his coat needed a good wash and brush.After a couple of weeks he became quite active and could walk as far as you want to take him. The picture on the right is Rex looking a lot better. The couple who adopted Rex drove all the way up from Bracknall a distance of 300 miles to adopt Rex who they had only seen on the Pawz site John met Stuart & Heather at Seaburn Beach where they stayed in the Pullman overnight and the next day they met John on the beach and took Rex home with them a total of 600 miles to give this old boy a home truly Kind Hearts.

Heather & Stuart have always kept in touch and sent photos of Rex to let us know how he is doing apparently with a football he is great Heather says you would think he was a three year old. They have booked a walking type holiday and are looking forward to walks with Rex. Heather sounds so nice I wonder If she would swap a Little Grumpy Bobby for a Rex.John said he does not think so it looks like even Stuart is pushed out of bed sometimes because Heather felt sorry for Rex the first night, and when he crept on to the bed she cuddled him in she said her heart went out to him. Now all we dogs know this is a big mistake for humans to make. You have cracked it when they say okay just for tonight, because you put that sad look in your eyes. I tried it with John it did not work, nor did it for Rex although my bed is at the side of Johns bed so I am quite close.Thank you Heather and Stuart for the way you both put your selves out to take this old boy on, and giving him your love.

Love Little Bobby


BenTheRotti said...

Wow what a transformation!! I had seen the pictures of Rex on the Pawz updates with Start and Heather but I had never seen his pictures before John transformed him.
Mum and me think John is some kind of doggy guru!!
All Hail King John!!

We loved Stuarts story of how they saved the bacon from their breakfast for him when they came to collect him..

Your day will come Bobby.. hang tough little fella

Ben xxx

Anonymous said...

Bobby you know you just will get that forever home with an angel; like Ben's owner.

happy said...

Bless Heather and Stuart for driving 600 miles to adopt Rex. Glad to know Rex has found a loving home.

taz and all the dogs in need said...

Hello John and Brenda

Got us hooked