Saturday, 5 April 2008

Johns Folly

Bobby here I have to tell you this while John is not here, It started last night I suppose, after John had come back from Carlisle we all went to the Beach John was throwing the ball for Molly.
Lynne came down with Toby and old George, Toby and I were running about, John was still throwing the ball so when we came home his shoulder was hurting Brenda got the Deep Heat Cream and put some on, then put it on the shelf next to the toothpaste (I bet you can guess)
John cleaned his teeth (well the few he has left) with the Deep Heat Cream) he was going on about Brenda buying horrible toothpaste then he was going on about his tongue and gums burning.
Brenda went in to look what he had used, she came out and said you daft thing you have used Deep Heat I had to turn away I nearly fell over laughing Brenda was too, John wasn't he went back and was cleaning his teeth for ages then he blamed Brenda for putting it in a daft place and she was saying how he should have looked before he used it.
Brenda gave him a coffee and that made his mouth burn even more so he went back to clean his teeth again.
We were all laughing even the grand kids thought it was funny, John was saying it was a pity we had nothing better to laugh at.
Brenda said we have and told everybody about when she was waxing her legs ready for holidays she put the patches on after a face pack, then lay on the bed with cucumber on her eyes, then asked John to pull the wax sheets off, when he did he looked at them and thought part of each had no hair on them so he thought he would use them to take the hair out of his nose and ears.
He stuck one up each nostril and one in each ear Brenda sat up and she looked funny all white with cucumber on her eyes,she took off the cucumber and when she saw what he had done she cracked her face mask laughing and said you daft. that is going to hurt.
John just said if you can put up with it I can, pull one out of my nose SHE DID well talk about an Indian war dance he was running around the bed room tears rolling down his face holding his nose and blaming Brenda for pulling so hard and taking the skin from under his nose, he tried to pull the other one out himself but could not do it trying to pull it gently, so he had to ask Brenda to. I must say she did seem to get some enjoyment out of yanking it off, more war dance and howling and he still had his ears to go.
Brenda's face mask had well and truly cracked now and she could not stop laughing, as she went to pull the ones out of his ears.
He said pull them both at once. I went to the door because as he had two hands cupped over his nose what was he going to put over his ears this could only get worse and it did Brenda got hold of both sides and pulled what a carry on now he was hands on ears nose ears nose, tears still rolling down his checks, then he stood on the cucumber that had been knocked on the floor it squelched between his toes so now he was hopping on one foot and holding his nose and one ear.
Brenda looked funny to me with all this white stuff falling off her face because she could not stop laughing
and John now sitting on the bed did not know what hurt the most the only relief being it was cucumber between his toes he thought it was something I had done (cheek).
Well I went off down stairs in case they decide I need some hair removing I am quite happy with mine thank you.
I just wonder are all humans as daft as these two,
I have well and truly digressed today I was going to tell you about Little Bess but John wants to go out now so will try to get back latter I have to go while the sun shines we got soaked this morning.


lebdale said...

“Laugh” Bobby ive nearly split my sides sounds like its a good job they have you there to keep an eye on them keep us informed about the next incident

BenTheRotti said...

Mum is rolling around the floor laughing.. what a sight that must have been!!
Humans are just plain silly... but lovely all at the same time.
Congratulations on a great blog.. and could you give John a great big hug and sloppy lick from me because without wonderful people like John I wouldn't be where I am today.

Your Pawz Pal..

Ben xxxxx

Anonymous said...

This is soooo funny. I'll come away from the computer smiling about it! Sam from Pawz