Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Hi Grumpy Bobby here I have been thinking when I read Ferndoggle asking am I really grumpy. I am but there are reasons for this. I looked at my profile and I am not explaining myself properly.

My owner died and I was put in kennels for a long time over a year.I had got an abscess on my gum and when people came to look at me I went for a stroke then they hurt me so I became quite nasty,also my back hurt I have tablets for this now. I am a great little character

outside people fuss me and I run up to people I know for a stroke. I can see John cringe when they stroke down my back but I am ok if it hurts I just turn away.

I do grump a lot even at my food I toss dog biscuits about and growl at them,I have watched dogs come in and they have sat on Johns knee and had lots of strokes and cuddles I want so much to do the same but because of my back I can not sit down I stand or lie.down.

But if I put my front paws on Johns knee I can get some fuss I know, he is not going to hurt me, I trust him now and Brenda too I have only laid once like the picture getting my tummy tickled I loved it but then had a job to get

The dogs John and Brenda foster come and I watch them go to their new homes, but I am always left behind nobody wants a grumpy dog no matter what the reasons. But if you look at my eyes in the above picture you will surely see a dog who's heart is bursting with love. John said he thinks I have been a lovely dog before pain set in. Some of the dogs that come I just put up with like Molly here now we just sort of ignore each other she just follows John about all the time well actually she is behind me so I guess I do too.

But little Bess who I have gone on about before I fell for her the minuet I saw her, when John took her out without me and did not bring her back she had a new home, I thought my heart would break I kept looking at the door but she has never come back.


lebdale said...

aww Bobby there is a special person out there for you its just that they have not found you yet

BenTheRotti said...

aaawww Bobby, your time will come my little buddy. Fate will lead you to your special someone when the time is right. You have learnt to love again with John and Brenda.. someone out there has a Bobby shaped hole in their lives.. I'd bet my favourite frisbee on it!

Ben xxx

Tracey said...

Hi Grumpy Bobby

I am sure that my mum would love you but you're so far away! I was like you, nobody wanted me either until mum and dad came and found me and took me home. I was so scared about being kicked out again I ate a heap of food so I wouldn't go hungry and made myself sick! Like my friend Ben says, there is a Bobby shaped home out there for you somewhere.

Mreows and purrs,
Huffle Mawson