Monday, 7 April 2008


This is Sam who had been living with a blind lady, and did not get out, only the house and garden.

When first taken out she was so nervous and just sat down it took a few days before I could see she was relaxing
and enjoying her walk
Above picture is Sam a week later after some brushing and a lot of walks looking much happier.
Sam went to a lovely home in Blaydon
So John and I would like to thank Julie and her family for giving Sam the care and love this dog so deserves.
Dont forget me I need a home too.


BenTheRotti said...

aaww ohn you did such a wonderful job with Sam, I remember Auntie Lynne telling Mum that Sam looked like she was wearing carpet slippers when she came to you.. and that you transformed her. Bobby I'm sure you played a huge part in bringing Sam out of her shell.

Ben xxxxx

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh she is gorgeous and Im glad she found her furever home.

happy said...

Just dropping in from Ben's to say hi! Glad to hear that Sam has found a loving home. What a beauty Sam is!

Thor said...

Sam is so pretty! Glad to know that she found her forever home!